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Fertility Treatment Cost

Many couples delay seeing a fertility specialist because of concerns about fertility treatment cost. While it is true that many fertility treatments are expensive, not all couples will require advanced reproductive technologies such as IVF. Our Louisiana fertility clinic is dedicated to offering treatment in a highly individualized environment, always recommending the treatment most likely to result in pregnancy while considering other factors such as fertility treatment cost, stress, emotional health, and others.

When the media “covers” infertility it is usually to discuss the advanced, exotic procedures that they deem newsworthy. Because of this “slant”, many infertile couples do not realize that less then 20% of couples who see a fertility specialist will require IVF. Many “waste” time and money on non specialist fertility treatments, such as repeated Clomiphene Citrate cycles, that may be unlikely to succeed. “Time” is critically important to women in their thirties. Fertility can decline very rapidly in the “30’s” age group and a fertility specialist must be consulted without delay. There is often not enough time to undergo empiric therapies such as Clomiphene Citrate. Fertility treatment costs are increase every time a therapy is tried and fails.

The same media bias prevails when discussing the safety of reproductive technology procedures. We usually see stories of couples who underwent treatment to produce multiple offspring. Rarely, is it mentioned that these high order multiple births are the result of ovulation induction cycles managed by non specialists. You probably won’t recall a news story of a couple who underwent IVF and had a singleton birth; the child of their dreams.

Part of society’s misconception about fertility treatment costs extends to the managed care providers who are asked to pay for the procedures. For many of these companies, infertility is considered a “condition” not a disease. 

It is extremely important that you research which fertility treatment costs are covered by your insurance provider. All too often, we have verified coverage for a patient only to have the company decline coverage after the procedure. For this reason, we strongly advise patients to obtain a written pre authorization for treatment which “spells out” their coverage. This document provides the proof of coverage that may be needed if a claim is denied.

Some couples do have good coverage for infertility including medications and in vitro fertilization but this is the exception and not the rule. Many couples find that the fertility treatment costs covered include some diagnostic procedures and tests. This certainly helps offset fertility treatment costs.

Sometimes fertility treatment costs are extremely reasonable. It is absolutely critical that both partners undergo a complete battery of fertility tests. A reproductive endocrinologist should always be consulted. The suspected cause of infertility must be known before treatment begins.  A “missed diagnosis” can cost couples thousands of dollars on treatments which have no chance to succeed.

Many patients will become pregnant using injectable FSH stimulated intrauterine insemination (IUI). The fertility specialists at “A Women’s Center for Reproductive Medicine” are committed to helping couples control fertility treatment costs. In this vein, we recently began offering an "IVF Refund Program" for those patients requiring IVF. The IVF Refund program can greatly reduce overall fertility treatment costs. We have a separate Web page devoted to this topic.

Our business manager and insurance specialist are always available to help couples understand fertility treatment costs, file insurance claims, and provide financing alternatives that may be available.

Our Louisiana fertility clinic servers couples from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the surrounding regions. Many couples commute to our fertility clinic because of our reputation for “putting the patient first” in a caring and compassionate environment.